Engaged in Vegas

• Director  • Producer  • Screenwriter

Writing, directing and producing ENGAGED IN VEGAS was a blast. This feature, my second after BAD BATCH, was shot on location in Las Vegas and blends romantic comedy, mockumentary and awkward drama.

The idea for the story came during a trip to Las Vegas, where I observed couples losing their minds in public. After pitching with a producer from CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM on a project, I was motivated to create something in a similar production style. The result is a film driven by improvisation, guided by a “scriptment” that permitted spontaneity with regards to performance and camerawork.

ENGAGED IN VEGAS showcased how a dedicated, collaborative crew could come together to create an engaging (pun intended) and entertaining story. While I had a role in front of the camera, my true passion lies behind it as writer, director and producer.